Matthew 18:10

Despise (katapronhshte). Literally, "think down on," with the assumption of superiority. Their angels (oi aggeloi autwn). The Jews believed that each nation had a guardian angel ( Daniel 10:13 Daniel 10:20 ; Daniel 12:1 ). The seven churches in Revelation ( Revelation 1:20 ) have angels, each of them, whatsoever the meaning is. Does Jesus mean to teach here that each little child or child of faith had a special angel who appears in God's presence, "see the face of my Father" (blepousin to proswpon tou patro mou) in special intimacy? Or does he simply mean that the angels do take an interest in the welfare of God's people ( Hebrews 1:14 )? There is comfort to us in that thought. Certainly Jesus means that the Father takes special care of his "little ones" who believe in Him. There are angels in God's presence ( Luke 1:19 ).