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Matthew 18:6

These little ones (twn mikrwn toutwn). In the same sense as "one such little one" above. The child is the type of believers. A great millstone (mulo oniko), literally, "a millstone turned by an ass." The upper millstone was turned by an ass (ono). There were no examples of the adjective oniko (turned by an ass) outside the N.T. until the papyri revealed several for loads requiring an ass to carry them, stones requiring an ass to move them, etc. Deissmann (Light from the Ancient East, p. 81) notes it also in papyri examples about the sale of an ass and tax for an ass's burden of goods. The depth of the sea (twi pelagei th qalassh). "The sea of the sea." Pelago probably from plhsso, to beat, and so the beating, splashing waves of the sea. "Far out into the open sea, a vivid substitute for ei thn qalassan" (McNeile).

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