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Matthew 20:26

Would become great (o an qelh mega genesqai). Jesus does not condemn the desire to become great. It is a laudable ambition. There are "great ones" (megaloi) among Christians as among pagans, but they do not "lord it over" one another (katakurieuousin), a LXX word and very expressive, or "play the tyrant" (katexousiazousin), another suggestive word. Your minister (mwn diakono). This word may come from dia and koni (dust), to raise a dust by one's hurry, and so to minister. It is a general word for servant and is used in a variety of ways including the technical sense of our "deacon" in Philippians 1:1 . But it more frequently is applied to ministers of the Gospel ( 1 Corinthians 3:5 ). The way to be "first" (prwto), says Jesus, is to be your "servant" (doulo), "bond-servant" (verse Matthew 20:27 ). This is a complete reversal of popular opinion then and now.

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