Matthew 21:1

Unto Bethphage (ei Beqpagh). An indeclinable Aramaic name here only in O.T. or N.T. ( Mark 11:1 ; Luke 19:29 ). It means "house of unripe young figs." It apparently lay on the eastern slope of Olivet or at the foot of the mountain, a little further from Jerusalem than Bethany. Both Mark and Luke speak of Christ's coming "unto Bethphage and Bethany" as if Bethphage was reached first. It is apparently larger than Bethany. Unto the Mount of Olives (ei to oro twn Elaiwn). Matthew has thus three instances of ei with Jerusalem, Mount of Olives. Mark and Luke use pro with Mount of Olives, the Mount of Olive trees (elaiwn from elaia, olive tree), the mountain covered with olive trees.

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