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Matthew 21:33

A hedge (pragmon). Or fence as a protection against wild beasts. Digged a winepress (wruxen lhnon). Out of the solid rock to hold the grapes and wine as they were crushed. Such wine-vats are to be seen today in Palestine. Built a tower (wikodomhsen purgon). This for the vinedressers and watchmen ( 2 Chronicles 26:10 ). Utmost care was thus taken. Note "a booth in a vineyard" ( Isaiah 1:8 ). See also Isaiah 24:20 ; Job 27:18 . Let it out (exedeto, exedoto the usual form). For hire, the terms not being given. The lease allowed three forms, money-rent, a proportion of the crop, or a definite amount of the produce whether it was a good or bad year. Probably the last form is that contemplated here.

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