Matthew 21:5

The daughter of Zion (th qugatri Siwn). Jerusalem as in Isaiah 22:4 (daughter of my people). So Babylon ( Isaiah 47:1 ), daughter of Tyre for Tyre ( Psalms 45:12 ). Riding (epibebhkw). Perfect active participle of epibainw, "having gone upon." And upon a colt the foal of an ass (kai epi pwlon uion upozugiou). These words give trouble if kai is here taken to mean "and." Fritzsche argues that Jesus rode alternately upon each animal, a possible, but needless interpretation. In the Hebrew it means by common Hebrew parallelism "upon an ass, even upon a colt." That is obviously the meaning here in Matthew. The use of upozugiou (a beast of burden, under a yoke) for ass is common in the LXX and in the papyri (Deissmann, Bible Studies p. 161).