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Matthew 22:16

Their disciples (tou maqhta autwn). Students, pupils, of the Pharisees as in Mark 2:18 . There were two Pharisaic theological seminaries in Jerusalem (Hillel, Shammai). The Herodians (twn Herwidianwn). Not members of Herod's family or Herod's soldiers, but partisans or followers of Herod. The form in -iano is a Latin termination like that in Cristiano ( Acts 11:26 ). Mentioned also in Mark 3:6 combining with the Pharisees against Jesus. The person of men (proswpon anqrwpwn). Literally, face of men. Paying regard to appearance is the sin of partiality condemned by James ( James 2:1 James 2:9 ) when proswpolhmpsia, proswpolhmptein are used, in imitation of the Hebrew idiom. This suave flattery to Jesus implied "that Jesus was a reckless simpleton" (Bruce).

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