Matthew 22:4

My dinner (to ariston mou). It is breakfast, not dinner. In Luke 14:12 both ariston (breakfast) and deipnon (dinner) are used. This noon or midday meal, like the French breakfast at noon, was sometimes called deipnon meshmbrinon (midday dinner or luncheon). The regular dinner (deipnon) came in the evening. The confusion arose from applying ariston to the early morning meal and then to the noon meal (some not eating an earlier meal). In John 21:12 John 21:15 aristaw is used of the early morning meal, "Break your fast" (aristhsate). When ariston was applied to luncheon, like the Latin prandium, akratisma was the term for the early breakfast. My fatlings (ta sitista). Verbal from sitizw, to feed with wheat or other grain, to fatten. Fed-up or fatted animals.

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