Matthew 23:10

Masters (kaqhghtai). This word occurs here only in the N.T. It is found in the papyri for teacher (Latin, doctor). It is the modern Greek word for professor. "While didaskalo represents Rab, kaqhghte stands for the more honourable Rabban, -bwn" (McNeile). Dalman (Words of Jesus, p. 340) suggests that the same Aramaic word may be translated by either didaskalo or kaqhghte. The Christ (o Cristo). The use of these words here by Jesus like "Jesus Christ" in his Prayer ( John 17:3 ) is held by some to show that they were added by the evangelist to what Jesus actually said, since the Master would not have so described himself. But he commended Peter for calling him "the Christ the Son of the living God" ( Matthew 16:16 ff.). We must not empty the consciousness of Jesus too much.

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