Matthew 23:24

Strain out the gnat (diulizonte ton kwnwpa). By filtering through (dia), not the "straining at" in swallowing so crudely suggested by the misprint in the A.V. Swallow the camel (thn de kamhlon katapinonte). Gulping or drinking down the camel. An oriental hyperbole like that in Luke 19:24 . See also Luke 5:29 Luke 5:30 ; Luke 17:20 ; Luke 21:21 . Both insects and camels were ceremonially unclean ( Leviticus 11:4 Leviticus 11:20 Leviticus 11:23 Leviticus 11:42 ). "He that kills a flea on the Sabbath is as guilty as if he killed a camel" (Jer. Shabb. 107).