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Matthew 24:1

Went out from the temple (exelqwn apo tou ierou). All the discourses since Matthew 21:23 have been in the temple courts (ieron, the sacred enclosure). But now Jesus leaves it for good after the powerful denunciation of the scribes and Pharisees in chapter 23. His public teaching is over. It was a tragic moment. As he was going out (eporeueto, descriptive imperfect) the disciples, as if to relieve the thought of the Master came to him (proshlqon) to show (epideixai, ingressive aorist infinitive) the buildings of the temple (ta oikodoma tou ierou). They were familiar to Jesus and the disciples, but beautiful like a snow mountain (Josephus, Wars V,5,6), the monument that Herod the Great had begun and that was not yet complete ( John 2:20 ). Great stones were there of polished marble.

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