Matthew 24:15

The abomination of desolation (to bdelugma th eremwsew). An allusion to Daniel 9:27 ; Daniel 11:31 ; Daniel 12:11 . Antiochus Epiphanes erected an altar to Zeus on the altar of Jehovah (1Macc. 1:54,59; 6:7; 2Macc. 6:1-5). The desolation in the mind of Jesus is apparently the Roman army ( Luke 21:20 ) in the temple, an application of the words of Daniel to this dread event. The verb bdelussomai is to feel nausea because of stench, to abhor, to detest. Idolatry was a stench to God ( Luke 16:15 ; Revelation 17:4 ). Josephus tells us that the Romans burned the temple and offered sacrifices to their ensigns placed by the eastern gate when they proclaimed Titus as Emperor.

Let him that readeth understand (o anaginoskwn noeitw). This parenthesis occurs also in Mark 13:14 . It is not to be supposed that Jesus used these words. They were inserted by Mark as he wrote his book and he was followed by Matthew.

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