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Matthew 26:33

I will never be offended (egw oudepote skandalisqhsomai). "Made to stumble," not "offended." Volitive future passive indicative. Peter ignored the prophecy of the resurrection of Jesus and the promised meeting in Galilee ( Exodus 32 ). The quotation from Zechariah 13:7 made no impression on him. He was intent on showing that he was superior to "all" the rest. Judas had turned traitor and all were weak, Peter in particular, little as he knew it. So Jesus has to make it plainer by pointing out "this night" as the time ( Zechariah 34 ). Before the cock crows (prin alektora pwnhsai). No article in the Greek, "before a cock crow." Mark ( Mark 14:30 ) says that Peter will deny Jesus thrice before the cock crows twice. When one cock crows in the morning, others generally follow. The three denials lasted over an hour. Some scholars hold that chickens were not allowed in Jerusalem by the Jews, but the Romans would have them.

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