Matthew 26:39

He went forward a little (proelqwn mikron). As if he could not fight the battle in their immediate presence. He was on his face, not on his knees (McNeile). This cup (to pothrion touto). The figure can mean only the approaching death. Jesus had used it of his coming death when James and John came to him with their ambitious request, "the cup which I am about to drink" ( Matthew 20:22 ). But now the Master is about to taste the bitter dregs in the cup of death for the sin of the world. He was not afraid that he would die before the Cross, though he instinctively shrank from the cup, but instantly surrendered his will to the Father's will and drank it to the full. Evidently Satan tempted Christ now to draw back from the Cross. Here Jesus won the power to go on to Calvary.

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