Matthew 26:41

Watch and pray (grhgoreite kai proseucesqe). Jesus repeats the command of verse Matthew 38 with the addition of prayer and with the warning against the peril of temptation. He himself was feeling the worst of all temptations of his earthly life just then. He did not wish then to enter such temptation (peirasmon, here in this sense, not mere trial). Thus we are to understand the prayer in Matthew 6:13 about leading (being led) into temptation. Their failure was due to weakness of the flesh as is often the case. Spirit (pneuma) here is the moral life (intellect, will, emotion) as opposed to the flesh (cf. Isaiah 31:3 ; Romans 7:25 ). Except I drink it (ean mh auto piw). Condition of the third class undetermined, but with likelihood of determination, whereas if this cannot pass away (ei ou dunatai touto parelqein) is first-class condition, determined as fulfilled, assumed to be true. This delicate distinction accurately presents the real attitude of Jesus towards this subtle temptation.