Matthew 26:45

Sleep on now and take your rest (kaqeudete loipon kai anapauesqe). This makes it "mournful irony" (Plummer) or reproachful concession: "Ye may sleep and rest indefinitely so far as I am concerned; I need no longer your watchful interest" (Bruce). It may be a sad query as Goodspeed: "Are you still sleeping and taking your rest?" So Moffatt. This use of loipon for now or henceforth is common in the papyri. The hour is at hand (hggiken h wra). Time for action has now come. They have missed their chance for sympathy with Jesus. He has now won the victory without their aid. "The Master's time of weakness is past; He is prepared to face the worst" (Bruce). Is betrayed (paradidotai). Futuristic present or inchoative present, the first act in the betrayal is at hand. Jesus had foreseen his "hour" for long and now he faces it bravely.

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