Matthew 26:47

While he yet spake (eti autou lalounto). It was an electric moment as Jesus faced Judas with his horde of helpers as if he turned to meet an army. Let us go (agwmen), Jesus had said. And here he is. The eight at the gate seemed to have given no notice. Judas is described here as "one of the twelve" (ei twn dwdeka) in all three Synoptic Gospels ( Mark 14:43 ; Matthew 26:47 ; Luke 22:47 ). The very horror of the thing is thus emphasized, that one of the chosen twelve apostles should do this dastardly deed. A great multitude (oclo polu). The chief priests and Pharisees had furnished Judas a band of soldiers from the garrison in Antonia ( John 18:3 ) and the temple police ( Luke 22:52 ) with swords (knives) and staves (clubs) with a hired rabble who had lanterns also ( John 18:3 ) in spite of the full moon. Judas was taking no chances of failure for he well knew the strange power of Jesus.