Matthew 26:69

Thou also (kai su). Peter had gone within (esw) the palace ( Leviticus 26:58 ), but was sitting without (exw) the hall where the trial was going on in the open central court with the servants or officers (uphretwn, under rowers, literally, Leviticus 26:58 ) of the Sanhedrin. But he could possibly see through the open door above what was going on inside. It is not plain at what stage of the Jewish trial the denials of Peter took place nor the precise order in which they came as the Gospels give them variously. This maid (paidiskh, slave girl) stepped up to Peter as he was sitting in the court and pointedly said: "Thou also wast with Jesus the Galilean." Peter was warming himself by the fire and the light shone in his face. She probably had noticed Peter come in with John the Beloved Disciple who went on up into the hall of trial. Or she may have seen Peter with Jesus on the streets of Jerusalem.