Matthew 27:51

Was rent (escisqh). Both Mark ( Mark 15:38 ) and Luke ( Luke 23:45 ) mention also this fact. Matthew connects it with the earthquake, "the earth did quake" (h gh eseisqh). Josephus (War VI. 299) tells of a quaking in the temple before the destruction and the Talmud tells of a quaking forty years before the destruction of the temple. Allen suggests that "a cleavage in the masonry of the porch, which rent the outer veil and left the Holy Place open to view, would account for the language of the Gospels, of Josephus, and of the Talmud." This veil was a most elaborately woven fabric of seventy-two twisted plaits of twenty-four threads each and the veil was sixty feet long and thirty wide. The rending of the veil signified the removal of the separation between God and the people (Gould).