Matthew 27:50

Yielded up his spirit (aphken to pneuma). The loud cry may have been Psalms 31:5 as given in Luke 23:46 : "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." John ( John 19:30 ) gives It is finished (tetelestai), though which was actually last is not clear. Jesus did not die from slow exhaustion, but with a loud cry. He breathed out (exepneusen, Mark 15:37 ), sent back his spirit ( Matthew 27:50 ), gave up his spirit (paredwken to pneuma, John 19:30 ). "He gave up his life because he willed it, when he willed it, and as he willed it" (Augustine). Stroud (Physical Cause of the Death of Christ) considers the loud cry one of the proofs that Jesus died of a ruptured heart as a result of bearing the sin of the world.