Matthew 27:9

By Jeremiah the prophet (dia Ieremiou). This quotation comes mainly from Zechariah 11:13 though not in exact language. In Jeremiah 18:18 the prophet tells of a visit to a potter's house and in Jeremiah 32:6 ff. of the purchase of a field. It is in Zechariah that the thirty pieces of silver are mentioned. Many theories are offered for the combination of Zechariah and Jeremiah and attributing it all to Jeremiah as in Mark 1:2 ff. the quotation from Isaiah and Malachi is referred wholly to Isaiah as the more prominent of the two. Broadus and McNeile give a full discussion of the various theories from a mere mechanical slip to the one just given above. Matthew has here ( Mark 27:10 ) "the field of the potter" (ei ton agron tou keramew) for "the potter the house of the Lord" in Zechariah 11:13 . That makes it more parallel with the language of Matthew 27:7 .