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Matthew 28:6

Risen from the dead (hgerqh apo twn nekrwn). Jesus the Risen. This is the heart of the testimony of the angel to the women. It is what Paul wishes Timothy never to forget ( 2 Timothy 2:8 ), "Jesus Christ risen from the dead" (Ihsoun Criston eghgermenon ek nekrwn). They were afraid and dazzled by the glory of the scene, but the angel said, "Come, see the place where the Lord lay" (deute idete ton topon opou ekeito o Kurio). Some MSS. do not have o Kurio, but he is the subject of ekeito. His body was not there. It will not do to say that Jesus arose in spirit and appeared alive though his body remained in the tomb. The empty tomb is the first great fact confronting the women and later the men. Various theories were offered then as now. But none of them satisfy the evidence and explain the survival of faith and hope in the disciples that do not rest upon the fact of the Risen Christ whose body was no longer in the tomb.

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