Matthew 4:10

Get thee hence, Satan (Hupage, Satana). The words "behind me" (opisw mou) belong to Matthew 16:23 , not here. "Begone" Christ says to Satan. This temptation is the limit of diabolical suggestion and argues for the logical order in Matthew. "Satan" means the adversary and Christ so terms the devil here. The third time Jesus quotes Deuteronomy, this time Deuteronomy 6:13 , and repels the infamous suggestion by Scripture quotation. The words "him alone thou shalt serve" need be recalled today. Jesus will warn men against trying to serve God and mammon ( Matthew 6:24 ). The devil as the lord of the evil world constantly tries to win men to the service of the world and God. This is his chief camouflage for destroying a preacher's power for God. The word here in Matthew 4:10 for serve is latreusei from latri a hired servant, one who works for hire, then render worship.