Matthew 5:25

Agree with (isqi eunown). A present periphrastic active imperative. The verb is from eunoo (friendly, kindly disposed). "Mak up wi' yere enemy" (Braid Scots). Compromise is better than prison where no principle is involved, but only personal interest. It is so easy to see principle where pride is involved. The officer (twi uphreth). This word means "under rower" on the ship with several ranks of rowers, the bottom rower (upo under and hressw, to row), the galley-slave, then any servant, the attendant in the synagogue ( Luke 4:20 ). Luke so describes John Mark in his relation to Barnabas and Saul ( Acts 13:5 ). Then it is applied to the "ministers of the word" ( Luke 1:2 ).

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