Matthew 6:19

Lay not up for yourselves treasures (mh qhsaurizete umin qhsaurou). Do not have this habit (mh and the present imperative). See on "Mt 2:11" for the word "treasure." Here there is a play on the word, "treasure not for yourselves treasures." Same play in verse Luke 20 with the cognate accusative. In both verses umin is dative of personal interest and is not reflexive, but the ordinary personal pronoun. Wycliff has it: "Do not treasure to you treasures."

Break through (diorussousin). Literally "dig through." Easy to do through the mud walls or sun-dried bricks. Today they can pierce steel safes that are no longer safe even if a foot thick. The Greeks called a burglar a "mud-digger" (toicoruco).