Matthew 8:7

I will come and heal him (egw elqwn qerapeusw auton). Future indicative, not deliberative subjunctive in question (McNeile). The word here for heal (qerapeusw) means first to serve, give medical attention, then cure, restore to health. The centurion uses the more definite word for healing (iaqhsetai Luke 8:8 ) as Matthew does in Luke 8:13 (iaqh). Luke ( Luke 9:11 ), like a physician, says that Jesus healed (iato) those in need of treatment (qerapeia), but the distinction is not always observed. In Acts 28:8 Luke uses iasato of the miraculous healings in Malta by Paul while he employs eqerapeuonto ( Acts 28:9 ) apparently of the practice of Luke the physician (so W. M. Ramsay). Matthew represents the centurion himself as speaking to Jesus while Luke has it that two committees from the centurion brought the messages, apparently a more detailed narrative. What one does through others he does himself as Pilate "scourged Jesus" (had him scourged).

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