Matthew 9:30

Were opened (hnewicqhsan). Triple augment (on oi=wi, e and then on preposition an = hn). Strictly charged them (enebrimhqh autoi). A difficult word, compound of en and brimaomai (to be moved with anger). It is used of horses snorting (Aeschylus, Theb. 461), of men fretting or being angry ( Daniel 11:30 ). Allen notes that it occurs twice in Mark ( Mark 1:43 ; Mark 14:5 ) when Matthew omits it. It is found only here in Matthew. John has it twice in a different sense ( John 11:33 with en eautwi). Here and in Mark 1:32 it has the notion of commanding sternly, a sense unknown to ancient writers. Most manuscripts have the middle enebrimhsato, but Aleph and B have the passive enebrimhqh which Westcott and Hort accept, but without the passive sense (cf. apekriqh). "The word describes rather a rush of deep feeling which in the synoptic passages showed itself in a vehement injunctive and in John 11:33 in look and manner" (McNeile). Bruce translates Euthymius Zigabenus on Mark 1:32 : "Looked severely, contracting His eyebrows, and shaking His head at them as they are wont to do who wish to make sure that secrets will be kept." "See to it, let no one know it" (orate, mhdei ginwsketw). Note elliptical change of persons and number in the two imperatives.