Philemon 1:11

Onesimus (Onhsimon). A common name among slaves and made like Chresimus, Chrestus. The word is from onhsi (profit) and that from oninhmi, to profit, to help. Who was aforetime unprofitable to thee (ton pote soi acrhston). "The once to thee useless one." Play (pun) on the meaning of the name Onesimus (onhsimo, useful) as once "useless" (acrhsto, verbal adjective, a privative and craomai, to use). But now is profitable to thee and to me (nuni de soi kai emoi eucrhston). "But now to thee and to me useful." Still further play on the name Onesimus by eucrhston (verbal adjective from eu and craomai, to use). Ethical dative here (soi, emoi).