Philemon 1:18

But if he hath wronged thee at all (ei de ti hdikhse se). Condition of the first class, assumed to be true. Onesimus did wrong (hdikhse, first aorist active indicative of adikho, to wrong, without justice). He had probably robbed Philemon before he ran away. Or oweth (h opeilei). Delicate way of putting the stealing. Put that to mine account (touto emoi elloga). Present active imperative of ellogaw. In the Koin verbs in -ew often appear in -aw like eleew, eleaw. So with ellogew as ellogaw, late verb in inscriptions and papyri (Deissmann, Light, etc., p. 84), though in N.T. only here and Romans 5:13 . It means to set to one's account.