Philippians 1:23

I am in a strait (sunecomai). "I am held together." Present passive indicative of the common compound verb sunecw, to hold together, to hem together as in Luke 8:45 . "I am hemmed in on both sides" (Lightfoot). Betwixt the two (ek twn duo). "From the two (sides)." Pressure to live on, pressure to die and be with Christ. To depart (ei to analusai). Purpose clause, ei to and the aorist active infinitive analusai, old compound verb, to unloose (as threads), to break up, to return ( Luke 12:36 , only other N.T. example), to break up camp (Polybius), to weigh anchor and put out to sea, to depart (often in old Greek and papyri). Cf. kataluw in 2 Corinthians 5:1 for tearing down the tent. Very far better (pollwi mallon kreisson). Double comparative (triple Lightfoot calls it because of pollwi) like Isocrates and the Koin often. See 2 Corinthians 7:13 for perissoterw mallon. Pollwi is the instrumental case of measure (by much).