Philippians 1:22

If this is the fruit of my work (touto moi karpo ergou). There is no ei (if) here in the Greek, but touto (this) seems to be resumptive and to repeat the conditional clause just before. If so, kai just after means then and introduces the conclusion of the condition. Otherwise touto introduces the conclusion and kai means and. I wot not (ou gnwrizw). "I know not." It seems odd to preserve the old English word "wot" here. But it is not clear that gnwrizw (old causative verb from ginwskw) means just to know. Elsewhere in the N.T., as in Luke 2:15 ; Romans 9:22 , it means to make known, to declare. The papyri examples mean to make known. It makes perfectly good sense to take its usual meaning here, "I do not declare what I shall choose."