Philippians 1:7

Because I have you in my heart (dia to ecein me en th kardiai uma). Or "because you hold me in your heart." Literally, "because of the holding me (or you) in the heart as to you (or me)." One accusative is the object of the infinitive ecein, the other is the accusative of general reference. There is no way to decide which is the idea meant except to say that love begets love. The pastor who, like Paul, holds his people in his heart will find them holding him in their hearts. In the defence (en th apologiai). Old word (our word apology, but not our idea of apologizing), in the original sense in Acts 22:1 ; Acts 25:16 . So also in verse Philippians 1:16 below. Confirmation (bebaiwsei). Old word from bebaiow (bebaio, bainw), to make stable. In N.T. only here and Hebrews 6:16 about oath. Partakers with me of grace (sugkoinwnou mou th carito). Literally, "my co-sharers in grace" (objective genitive). "Grace prompted them to alleviate his imprisonment, to cooperate with him in defending and propagating the gospel, and to suffer for its sake" (Vincent, Int. Crit. Comm.).