Philippians 2:3

Through vainglory (kata kenodoxian). Late word, only here in N.T., from kenodoxo (keno, doxa, Galatians 5:26 , only here in N.T.), empty pride. In lowliness of mind (th tapeinoprosunh). Late and rare word. Not in O.T. or early Greek writers. In Josephus and Epictetus in bad sense (pusillanimity). For ostentatious humility in Co 2:18 Co 2:23 . One of the words, like tapeino ( Matthew 11:29 ) and tapeinoprwn ( 1 Peter 3:8 , here alone in N.T.) that Christianity has ennobled and dignified ( Acts 20:19 ). Better than himself (upereconta eautwn). Present active participle of uperecw in intransitive sense to excel or surpass with the ablative, "excelling themselves." See Romans 12:10 .