Philippians 2:8

In fashion (schmati). Locative case of schma, from ecw, to have, to hold. Bengel explains morph by forma, omoiwma by similitudo, schma by habitus. Here with schma the contrast "is between what He is in Himself, and what He appeared in the eyes of men" (Lightfoot). He humbled himself (etapeinwsen eauton). First aorist active of tapeinow, old verb from tapeino. It is a voluntary humiliation on the part of Christ and for this reason Paul is pressing the example of Christ upon the Philippians, this supreme example of renunciation. See Bruce's masterpiece, The Humiliation of Christ. Obedient (uphkoo). Old adjective, giving ear to. See Acts 7:39 ; 2 Corinthians 2:9 . Unto death (mecri qanatou). "Until death." See "until blood" (mecri aimato, Hebrews 12:4 ). Yea, the death of the cross (qanatou de staurou). The bottom rung in the ladder from the Throne of God. Jesus came all the way down to the most despised death of all, a condemned criminal on the accursed cross.