Philippians 2:9

Wherefore (dio). Because of which act of voluntary and supreme humility. Highly exalted (uperupswse). First aorist indicative of uperupsow (uper and upso) late and rare word (LXX and Byzantine). Here only in N.T. Because of Christ's voluntary humiliation God lifted him above or beyond (uper) the state of glory which he enjoyed before the Incarnation. What glory did Christ have after the Ascension that he did not have before in heaven? What did he take back to heaven that he did not bring? Clearly his humanity. He returned to heaven the Son of Man as well as the Son of God. The name which is above every name (to onoma to uper pan onoma). What name is that? Apparently and naturally the name Jesus, which is given in verse Hebrews 10 . Some think it is "Jesus Christ," some "Lord," some the ineffable name Jehovah, some merely dignity and honour.