Philippians 4:3

True yokefellow (gnhsie sunzuge). All sorts of suggestions have been made here, one that it was Lydia who is termed Paul's wife by the word sunzuge. Unfortunately for that view gnhsie is masculine vocative singular. Some have suggested it as a proper name though it is not found in the inscriptions, but the word does occur as an appellative in one. Lightfoot even proposes Epaphroditus, the bearer of the Epistle, certainly a curious turn to take to address him. After all it matters little that we do not know who the peacemaker was. Help these women (sunlambanou autai). Present middle imperative of sunlambanw, to seize ( Matthew 26:55 ), to conceive ( Luke 1:24 ), then to take hold together with one (associative instrumental case), to help as here ( Luke 5:7 ). "Take hold with them." They laboured with me (sunhqlhsan moi). First aorist active indicative of sunaqlew (for which see Luke 1:27 ) with associative instrumental case (moi). With Clement also (meta kai Klhmento). There is no evidence that he was Clement of Rome as the name is common. In the book of life (en biblwi zwh). The only instance of this expression in the N.T. outside of the Apocalypse ( Revelation 3:5 ; Revelation 13:8 ; Revelation 17:8 , etc.). Hence real Christians in spite of their bickerings.