Revelation 1:17

I fell (epesa). Late form for the old epeson (second aorist active indicative of piptw, to fall). Under the over-powering influence of the vision as in John 19:10 . He laid (eqhken). First aorist active indicative of tiqhmi. The act restored John's confidence. Fear not (mh pobou). Cf. Luke 1:13 to Zacharias to give comfort. I am the first and the last (egw eimi o prwto kai o escato). Used in Isaiah 44:6 ; Isaiah 48:12 of God, but here, Revelation 2:8 ; Revelation 22:13 of Christ. And the Living One (kai o zwn). Present active articular participle of zaw, another epithet of God common in the O.T. ( Deuteronomy 32:40 ; Isaiah 49:18 , etc.) and applied purposely to Jesus, with which see John 5:26 for Christ's own words about it.