Revelation 10:4

I was about to write (hmellon grapein). Imperfect active of mellw (double augment as in John 4:47 ; John 12:33 ; John 18:32 ) and the present (inchoative) active infinitive of grapw, "I was on the point of beginning to write," as commanded in John 1:11 John 1:19 . Seal up (spragison). Aorist active imperative of spragizw, tense of urgency, "seal up at once." And write them not (kai mh auta grapsh). Prohibition with mh and the ingressive aorist active subjunctive of grapw, "Do not begin to write." It is idle to conjecture what was in the utterances. Compare Paul's silence in 2 Corinthians 12:4 .