Revelation 10:6

Sware (wmosen). First aorist indicative of omnuw to swear. By him that liveth (en twi zwnti). This use of en after omnuw instead of the usual accusative ( James 5:12 ) is like the Hebrew ( Matthew 5:34 Matthew 5:36 ). "The living one for ages of ages" is a common phrase in the Apocalypse for God as eternally existing ( Matthew 1:18 ; Matthew 4:9 Matthew 4:10 ; Matthew 15:7 ). This oath proves that this angel is not Christ. Who created (o ektisen). First aorist active indicative of ktizw, a reference to God's creative activity as seen in Genesis 1:1 ; Exodus 20:11 ; Isaiah 37:16 ; Isaiah 42:5 ; Psalms 33:6 ; Psalms 145:6 , etc. That there shall be time no longer (oti crono ouketi estai). Future indicative indirect discourse with oti. But this does not mean that crono (time), Einstein's "fourth dimension" (added to length, breadth, height), will cease to exist, but only that there will be no more delay in the fulfillment of the seventh trumpet (verse Psalms 7 ), in answer to the question, "How long?" ( Psalms 6:10 ).