Revelation 11:17

O Lord God (Kurie o qeo). Vocative form kurie and nominative form o qeo (vocative in use). See Luke 1:8 ; Luke 4:8 for this combination with o pantokratwr (the Almighty). For o wn kai o hn (which art and which wast) see Luke 1:4 Luke 1:8 ; Luke 4:8 ; Luke 16:5 . Thou hast taken (eilhpe). Perfect active indicative of lambanw, emphasizing the permanence of God's rule, "Thou hast assumed thy power." Didst reign (ebasileusa). Ingressive first aorist active indicative of basileuw, "Didst begin to reign." See this combination of tenses (perfect and aorist) without confusion in Luke 3:3 ; Luke 5:7 ; Luke 8:5 .