Revelation 11:5

If any man desireth to hurt them (ei ti autou qelei adikhsai). Condition of first class, assumed to be true, with ei and present active indicative (qelei) "if any one wants to hurt" (adikhsai first aorist active infinitive). It is impossible to hurt these two witnesses till they do their work. The fire proceeding out of the mouths of the witnesses is like Elijah's experience ( 2 Kings 1:10 ). Devoureth (katesqiei). "Eats up (down)," present active indicative of katesqiw. If any man shall desire (ei ti qelhsh). Condition of third class with ei and first aorist active subjunctive of qelw as in Luke 9:13 ; Philippians 3:12 , but MSS. also read either qelei (present active indicative) or qelhsei (future active, condition of the first class like the preceding one. The condition is repeated in this changed form, as less likely to happen and with inevitable death (dei auton apoktanqhnai, must be killed, first aorist passive infinitive of apokteinw with dei).