Revelation 12:17

Waxed wroth (wrgisqh). First aorist (ingressive) passive indicative of orgizomai, "became angry." With the woman (epi th gunaiki). "At the woman," "because of the woman." Went away (aphlqen). "Went off" in his rage to make war with the scattered followers of the Lamb not in the wilderness, perhaps an allusion to Genesis 3:15 . The devil carries on relentless war with all those "which keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus" (twn thrountwn ta entola tou qeou kai econtwn thn marturian Ihsou). These two marks excite the wrath of the devil then and always. Cf. Genesis 1:9 ; Genesis 6:9 ; Genesis 14:12 ; Genesis 19:10 ; Genesis 20:4 .