Revelation 12:8

And they prevailed not (kai ouk iscusan). Here kai equals "and yet" or "but." A few MSS. read the singular iscusen like epolemhsen, but wrongly so. Neither was their place found any more (oude topo eureqh autwn eti). First aorist passive indicative of euriskw, to find. Probably autwn is the objective genitive (place for them), just as in 2 Corinthians 20:11 autoi (dative, for them) is used with topo ouc eureqh. The phrase occurs in Daniel 2:35 Theod. and Zechariah 10:10 . The dragon is finally expelled from heaven (cf. Job 1:6 ), though to us it seems a difficult conception to think of Satan having had access to heaven.