Revelation 13:2

Like unto a leopard (omoion pardalei). Associative-instrumental case of pardali, old word for panther, leopard, here only in N.T. The leopard (leo, pard) was considered a cross between a panther and a lioness. As the feet of a bear (w arkou). Old word, also spelled arkto, here only in N.T. From Daniel 7:4 . No word in the Greek for "feet" before "bear." As the mouth of a lion (w stoma leonto). From Daniel 7:4 . This beast combines features of the first three beasts in Daniel 7:2 . The strength and brutality of the Babylonian, Median, and Persian empires appeared in the Roman Empire. The catlike vigilance of the leopard, the slow and crushing power of the bear, and the roar of the lion were all familiar features to the shepherds in Palestine (Swete). The dragon gave him (edwken autwi o drakwn). First aorist active indicative of didwmi (to give) and dative case autwi (the beast). The dragon works through this beast. The beast is simply Satan's agent. Satan claimed this power to Christ ( Matthew 4:9 ; Luke 4:6 ) and Christ called Satan the prince of this world ( John 12:31 ; John 14:30 ; John 16:11 ). So the war is on.