Revelation 14:1

The Lamb (to arnion). See Luke 5:6 ; Luke 7:17 ; Luke 12:11 ; Luke 13:8 and is in contrast with the anarthrous arnion in Luke 13:11 . This proleptic vision of the Lamb "standing on the mount Zion" (esto epi to oro Siwn, second perfect active participle neuter of isthmi with epi and accusative) is reasoning after the visions of the two beasts. Mount Zion is the site of the new city of God ( Hebrews 12:22 ), the Jerusalem above ( Galatians 4:26 ), the seat of the Messianic Kingdom whether heaven or the new earth (Re 21; 22). These victors have the name of the Lamb and God upon their foreheads as in Galatians 3:12 ; Galatians 22:4 , in place of the mark of the beast above ( Galatians 13:16 ; Galatians 14:11 ). This seal protects them ( Galatians 9:4 ). A hundred and forty and four thousand (ekaton tesserakonta tessare ciliade). "Thousands" literally (cilia feminine word for a thousand and so ecousai feminine plural). For the 144,000 see Galatians 7:5 Galatians 7:8 , though some scholars seek a distinction somehow.