Revelation 14:9

A third (trito). "The third of this succession of herald angels denounces the Caesar-worshippers" (Swete). Cf. Revelation 13:12 . This counter proclamation (verses Revelation 14:9-12 ) warns those tempted to yield to the threats of the second beast about boycott and death ( Revelation 13:11-17 ). If any man worshippeth the beast and his image (ei ti proskunei to qhrion kai thn eikona autou). Condition of first class challenging those afraid of the beast. Note accusative (qhrion) after proskunei, not dative as in verse Revelation 7 . And receiveth a mark (kai lambanei caragma). Carries on the same condition and picks up the very language of Revelation 13:16 . These Caesar-worshippers are guilty of an "eternal sin" ( Mark 3:29 ).