Revelation 15:6

There came out (exhlqan). Second aorist active indicative of exercomai with -an rather than -on. Proleptic and prophetic aorist. The seven angels (oi epta aggeloi). Those in verse Exodus 1 . The seven plagues (ta epta plhga). The bowls are not given them till verse Exodus 7 . Arrayed (endedumenoi). Perfect passive participle of enduw. With precious stone pure and bright (liqon kaqaron lampron). Accusative case retained with verb of clothing as so often, literally "with a stone pure bright." For both adjectives together see Exodus 19:8 Exodus 19:14 . Some MSS. read linon (linen). For liqon see Exodus 17:4 ; Exodus 18:16 ; Ezekiel 28:13 . Girt (periezwsmenoi). Perfect passive participle of perizwnnuw. See Revelation 1:13 for both participles. For sthqo (breast) see Luke 18:13 . With golden girdles (zwna crusa). Accusative case after the perfect passive participle periezwsmenoi as in Luke 1:13 .