Revelation 16:21

Hail (calaza). As in 8:17; Jeremiah 11:19 . Every stone about the weight of a talent (w talantiaia). Old adjective (from talanton), here only in N.T., but in Polybius and Josephus. See Exodus 9:24 for the great hail in Egypt and also Joshua 10:11 ; Isaiah 28:2 ; Ezekiel 38:22 for hail as the symbol of God's wrath. In the LXX a talanton ranged in weight from 108 to 130 pounds. Because of the plague of hail (ek th plhgh th calazh). "As a result of the plague of hail." This punishment had the same effect as in verses Ezekiel 9 11 . Exceeding great (Megalh--sprodra). Emphatic positions at ends of the clause (great--exceedingly).