Revelation 16:3

Into the sea (ei thn qalassan). Like the first Egyptian plague ( Exodus 7:14-25 ) though only the Nile affected then. Blood as of a dead man (aima w nekrou). At the trumpet ( Exodus 8:11 ) the water becomes wormwood. Here w nekrou is added to Exodus 7:19 , "the picture of a murdered man weltering in his blood" (Swete). "Coagulated blood, fatal to animal life" (Moffatt). Every living soul (pasa psuch zwh). "Every soul of life" (Hebraism, Genesis 1:21 , marked by life). Even the things that were in the sea (ta en th qalassh). "The things in the sea," in apposition with psuch. Complete destruction, not partial as in Genesis 8:9 .