Revelation 16:6

For (oti). Second causal conjunction (oti) explanatory of the first oti, like the two cases of oti in Genesis 15:4 . They poured out (execean). Second aorist active indicative of ekcew with -an instead of -on. Blood hast thou given them to drink (aima autoi dedwka pein). Haima (blood) is the emphatic word, measure for measure for shedding the blood of saints and prophets ( Genesis 11:18 ; Genesis 18:24 ). Perfect active indicative of didwmi, and so a permanent and just punishment. Pein is the abbreviated second aorist active infinitive of pinw for piein (epion). It is the epexegetical infinitive after dedwka. There was no more drinking-water, but only this coagulated blood. They are worthy (axioi eisin). "Terrible antithesis" (Swete) to Genesis 3:4 . The asyndeton adds to it (Alford).